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Sword of Queens (trade paperback, ebook)

Sword of Queens cover

Sword of Queens cover

by Joan Marie Verba

The kingdom of Somerlie has been in the grip of the evil overlord Tashtalon for over 500 years. No one has ever seen Tashtalon, but he puts the kingdom to sleep every night, and during the night, people disappear, never to be seen again. Gill has spent her life thinking these things could not possibly by changed, until strange events point her to the only thing that can defeat Tashtalon…a magical weapon called the Sword of Queens. To prevent its use, Tashtalon made a law saying that any woman wielding a sword will be put to death…and he enforces that law savagely. Can Gill summon the courage to find the sword and use it before Tashtalon kills her?

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Revenge, Denied (ebook only)

Revenge, Denied cover

Revenge, Denied cover

Revenge, Denied – a fantasy short story by Joan Marie Verba
An Amazon Kindle Bestseller

A story of magic and triumph over hardship, with a shocking ending. At 6300 words, this story is a perfect short read.

Marlys, excited about being accepted as an apprentice sorceress, is astonished to find that the other apprentices bully her mercilessly. No matter how hard she tries, no matter what she does, she isn’t good enough. Worse, no one seems interested in teaching her sorcery. Can she become a sorceress despite this, and, if given the chance for revenge, will she take it?

Bradamant’s Quest (trade paperback, ebook)

Bradamant’s Quest
by Ruth Berman

First Place, Midwest Book Awards
It sounded like such a straightforward quest when Oberon proposed it — just gather up the magical talismans the fairies had given her family and give them back, now that King Charlemagne’s war with Spain was over. But when Bradamant took on the quest, she didn’t know that her brother would think it was trafficking with devils. Her cousins the magicians didn’t want to give up their carefully indexed books of magic (much less the hippogriff — a useful steed and a loyal companion). Her sister-in-law was willing to give up the spear of Galafrone, but not until she’d finished using it. And her cousin Roland seemed to be haunting his grave, where his magically enduring sword was buried with him, and dead set against being disturbed. What’s a warrior to do when valor alone is not enough for her to complete a quest?

The Fathergod Experiment (trade paperback, ebook)

Fathergod Experiment cover

Fathergod Experiment cover

THE FATHERGOD EXPERIMENT by L. A. Taylor. Kinland is full of secrets. High Court politics holds the key to a secret at the heart of a world. Jen Makeready is dead…. Now Lilz is caught up in the web of intrigue that may unravel a few secrets about her own past…and those of Kinland itself!
Paperback price: $8.50