Extreme Hazard

Extreme Hazard cover

Extreme Hazard cover

Mom's Choice Award

by Joan Marie Verba

Gordon Tracy, aquanaut, weapons expert, and fun-loving fourth son of Jeff Tracy, learns of a missile that can destroy an International Rescue aircraft. While working on a way to defeat that, the team discovers an even greater menace: plans for a bomb that could destroy the Earth have been lost. Unless International Rescue finds those plans, they could fall into the hands of criminals, who could build such a device and use it for their own ends. Can International Rescue retrieve the plans and save the planet from certain destruction?

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Join the Tracy family as International Rescue again enters the fray from land, sea and air. – D. H. Brooks, author of A Legacy Of The Pacific.

This series continues to expand the world of International Rescue with a new exciting story concerning global security and espionage, and paints wonderful imaginative imagery that fits in so well with the TV series. It also delves more into the past lives of the characters, as well as giving them greater abilities only now being realized. This time it is the people, and more of their story – showing a great respect in the writing of those characters. – David Tremont, Model Maker, Weta Workshop.