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Fruit Is Not Dessert cookbook cover

Fruit Is Not Dessert cover


Want to save calories on dessert? Tired of people saying, “have a piece of fruit for dessert?” Then this cookbook is for you! It contains recipes for cakes, pies, pudding desserts, and much more! Why settle for a piece of fruit for dessert when you can have much more?

Recipes include:

Lite Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Lite Lemon Pie
Lite Key Lime Pie
Magic Pumpkin Pie
Quick and Easy Chocolate Pie
Lemony Cheesecake
Lite Fudge
Homemade Low-Fat Brownies
Rich Chocolate Roll Dessert
…and many more!

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More than Water cover

More than Water cover

Just about any weight loss program will advise people to drink adequate water, because it’s true: hydration is essential for good health and good weight loss. However, especially in the early part of a weight loss effort, plain water is boring. So why not try some of these recipes?

The low-calorie offerings include the Spiced Tea (0 calories), the Lite Orange Shake (38 calories), Lite Orange Imitation Sangria (40 calories), Cold Strawberry Refresher (40 calories), the Cold Raspberry Refresher (76 calories) and the Lite Imitation Cappucino (12 calories). You’ll also save on calories compared to the regular versions with the Thick Chocolate Almost-Malt (222 calories compared to 624 in a regular malt), the Lite Milk Shake (137 calories compared to 425 for a regular milk shake), and the Lite Orange Imitation Sangria (40 calories compared to 150 for a regular sangria). So, you can continue to enjoy your favorite beverages and save calories as well!

Nonalcoholic Beverages

Make-Your-Own Flavored Water
Tropical Blend Drink
Spiced Cranberry-Apple Punch
Sunny Summer Tropical Punch
Thick Chocolate Almost-Malt
Lite Milk Shake
Fruit-Flavored Shake
Lite Orange Shake
Pineapple Vanilla Smoothie
Autumn Smoothie
Morning Breakfast Smoothie
Smoothie with Fruit
Chilled Melon Smoothie
Creamy Orange Smoothie
Lite Orange Imitation Sangria
Cold Strawberry Refresher
Cold Raspberry Refresher
Lite Imitation Cappuccino
Hot Spiced Tea
Minty Hot Chocolate
Lite Egg Nog (alcohol-free)

Alcoholic Beverages
(most can be made without alcohol as well)

Traditional Egg Nog
Lite Margarita
Potent Peach Drink
Luscious Red Wine Drink
Celebration Punch

Important note: the intended audience for this cookbook includes those who are looking for lower-fat, lesser-calorie alternatives to full-calorie beverages. (Most recipes have 0 g fat, some have 1-4 g of fat per serving.) While 2 of the recipes in this cookbook have 0 calories, most do not—in other words, this is not a zero-calorie beverages cookbook. In addition, those on a low-carb diet may—or may not—find the recipes useful or applicable to them.

An Amazon Kindle bestseller!

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